Monday, April 25, 2016

Video | Eden Bodyworks Leave-In Conditioners | Product Review

I am running through these leave-in conditioners that I hauled this past Black Friday! The products in the spotlight in this post are the EDEN BodyWorks JojOba Monoi All Natural Revitalizing Conditioner and the Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner. These two conditioners had all the right stuff to attract me: availability, affordability, and good ingredients.

Eden Bodyworks Leave-In Conditioners |  Product Review
Though these two conditioners have very similar ingredients, their actual consistencies are very different. The Jojoba Monoi is extremely thick while the Peppermint Tea Tree comes right out of the bottle like a lotion. 

Each of these products provide moisture to the hair but the Jojoba Monoi can cause white spots since it is so thick. The Peppermint Tea Tree reminds me of Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner but on level 10! The smell and the tingle are strong!

Watch the video for more details:

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