Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why You Don't Need The Maximum Hydration Method

​As a huge supporter of the Max Hydration Method, this blog post is going to surprise some. However, people seem to think that the Max Hydration Method works by magic and is the only way to obtain moisturized and defined natural hair. 

Why You Don't Need The Maximum Hydration Method

My post stands to show you that yes--the Max Hydration Method works--BUT once you understand how it works you can create your own regimen built on its principals. Below I will go into each step of the max hydration method and compare it to my current regimen which gives me similar results.
  1. Clarify - In the Max Hydration Method, you kick things off with an ACV or Baking Soda rinse. The goal is to remove build up and lift the cuticle layer to better receive your deep conditioner. Here's the rub. It's been proven that ACV and Baking Soda DO NOT remove buildup. So I decided to shampoo with warm water in this step. It is actually cleansing and the warm water lifts the hair's cuticle layer.
  2. Deep Condition - The Max Hydration Method is all about moisture. I find that my hair thrives with balance. I now bounce back and forth between a protein based and a moisture based deep conditioner.
  3. Clay Rinse - I now do a watered down version of this between my shampoo and deep conditioner. I still get all of the curl defining benefits!
  4. Style - You do not need to avoid all of the ingredients banned by the method. I use things that work for my hair and all you can do is test these ingredients to find out what works.

I still think that the Max Hydration Method is a great starting place. It DOES work but once you know why you can tweak it from there.

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