Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Tried a Tea Rinse for Shedding

You may have seen on my channel that I have been having issues with shedding. It got to the point that I decided to try a tea rinse. Tea rinses are something for which I never really saw the point. Shedding is a natural part of the hair's growth cycle. Why would you want to stop something like that?

So, I shoved my feelings on the matter aside and brewed up a strong cup of tea. I used two tea bags for 8oz of water. I then used the tea instead of water in my clay mix

Using the rinse was very conditioning--as per usual--and the tea was nearly undetectable in the mix except for the slight tea smell that I'm sure only someone really sniffing at my hair could be able to detect. 

The results...

Here is what I was shedding before. The hair on the left is from my dry detangle and the hair on the right is what came out while my hair was wet in the shower. And yes, I did find a bug in my hair on this wash day. Only God knows how long it was in there!

The following pictures are also dry and wet, one week after I did the tea rinse treatment. I see a difference but not in the way I was hoping for. I see more hair lost than before!

So, the tea rinse did not work for me. I am kind of bummed because I really wanted it to work. I will share why I think the tea rinse did not work for me in another post. This one is already long enough!

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