Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not Using My Hair's Staple Products

I was thinking one day and realized that I have not been using my staple hair products since July! It's October, folks! The main reason I've been off "the good stuff" is because I received all those products from As I Am and on top of that I was getting things from the Curls Understood box. This particular subscription box sends more full size products than others. 

I don't like to waste money and typically won't buy something if I have something else in that category at home. As a result of not using my regular products, I haven't had a bomb wash and go in quite some time and a few products have not mixed well and then caused flakes in my hair. The last bit is partially my fault because I could have tested the products before putting them on my hair. 

Thankfully, I'm a pretty laid back person and I don't have to have a perfect hair day everyday. I will keep y'all posted as to when my hair's staples reappear in my routine. 

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