Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Assumption That Our Hair Isn't Real

I was watching a video in which a man was sharing an MTV video segment and expressing how dumb he thought the message and the person in the video were. Now, let me give a few background details here. The person in the segment was a black woman with very long locs. This same woman has her own youtube channel devoted to these locs. So, like any other person would, I scrolled to the comments of this video.

As expected, many of the comments were racially charged with people attacking Black Lives Matter, MTV, and the woman in the segment. I found it especially interesting that many of the comments criticised her hair for being fake with comments like "Weave-head" and "What has happened to black women's hair? All this fake hair and wigs!" These comments had me lifting my eyebrows.

The woman in the video has very long and very real hair. Why must it be automatically assumed that a black woman with long hair is wearing a wig or weave and on top of the assumption be criticized for it? It takes me to the questions that I get about my hair. People love to first ask me if my hair is real, then give me a compliment.

We all need to open our eyes to the diversity in other people not like ourselves!

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