Monday, December 05, 2016

Video | Bye, Bye Hair!

I mentioned in a live video that was very short lived that I cut a decent amount of my hair off. Well, I was not lying. I sat down in early November and lopped off my hair at random. Most of the hair was cut from the front.

Watch the video:


Hello everyone Kayla here with another video!

What I'm Doing

It’s kind of obvious what I am doing in the video but I am going to give you a brief description. What I am doing is taking these week old twists that have been moisturized daily and taken great care of and pulling them down one by one, cutting off any ends that are being DIS-RESECT-FUL. What I mean by disrespectful are ends that are bushy, noticeably rougher than the rest of the hair, not curling, dull—so ends that just don’t have the same shine as the rest of my hair.

I am just cutting them off. You might also be able to tell that there is no rhyme or reason to it. There is no end “hair style goal” that I am trying to achieve. I am just cutting—it—off. It needs to go.

Singing: “It ain’t nothing to cut a strand off!”


Why I'm Cutting My Hair

Now, what lead me to this is what I kind of want to focus on talking about. Over a year ago I had hair that was over moisturized and had buildup on it. As a result my hair broke off. I would say about 2” came off. I did make a video about this. I don’t know if I said it but I never went back and actually cleaned that up with a trim. I just left it there AND I started to slack on my trims.

I have read this and seen it in videos, but I’ve never researched it myself, that the longer you go without trimming your ends—they just get worse. So, I left this there and did almost no trimming. Fast forward to later when I did trim my hair and took almost two inches off and shaped it up into a cute little U-shape. There is a video on that as well.

Now, when I did that I didn’t cut all my hair because I didn’t want to get rid of my length. So, though I did cut off a significant amount of hair. I didn’t cut everything that needed to go. Again, slacking on the trims after this, not being dedicated to trimming my hair as I should, leads me to this video today.
I was sick and tired of it. I just cut it up and said “you know what this has got to go, because I want good ends and I want them now.” So, after this I am going to try to be very dedicated in twisting my hair up and cutting off what is not together with the rest of the hair because that’s the easiest way for me to see my ends--twisting.

That’s part of the reason I stopped trimming regularly. I don’t really wear my hair in twists anymore. I know what works for me and I have to go back to it.

Now, I was going to shape this up and make it nice and even, but I didn’t. I kind of like the choppy look. Now my hair is kind of shorter in the front and goes longer in the back because most of the hair was cut from the front and I like that for now. 


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