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Video | Fall Empties 2016

Once again, it is that time to share my seasonal empties. I really like watching a creating these types of videos and I hope you feel the same. As usual, there will be more information in the description box and on my blog.

Watch the video:


Hello everyone! Kayla here! Today I'm going to be bringing you a fall empties video. I decided to help make this video a bit shorter, I am going to only include the hair items. Let's be real, this is probably what most of you are here for anyway. If you do want to see the other stuff, because you're just curious and want to know, let me know that you want to see the other stuff. But I'm going to try to shorten this thing up a bit. And my background is different because I didn't feel like setting up how I'm normally set up. So, welcome to my junky desk and all my stuff. You're just going to have to look at it. Okay? 

So, let's get to it. First thing I have here is Great Value Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It was 25.5 FL oz. I use oil to seal my hair and I also use it in my clay rinse recipe, however, I was wanting to see if I could still retain moisture in my hair without sealing with an oil--trying to see what I can take away from my regimen. I found that it works out pretty well. I didn't really need oil in my hair, especially when I use my Cantu products. They're really oily. The product that I used for this wash and go is a little bit more light but my hair is not dry. I don't think I need oil. I still use it in the clay rinse recipe but I just use some oil out of the kitchen.

Speaking of Cantu, up next we have the Cantu for Naturals Leave-In Conditioning Cream. This is my ultimate favorite curl cream. It's not the Coconut Curling Cream, even though it has a really coconut-y smell, but I do use it as a curl cream because it is very thick. I would not use this as a regular leave-in. It's not that kind of leave-in. This is very thick and very heavy. It's going to weigh down your curls before you put your styler on. Usually when I use this I get more of a tight-wave look with my hair because it does pull everything down. It's very oily so I do like it very much for wash and goes.

Next up, Wetline Xtreme gel. There is a little bit in the bottom but I could not get it to come out. I usually do not buy these bottles but again, some stuff was on sale so I bought it because of...MONEY! This is my favorite gel. If you have been watching for a while you know that this is my favorite hair gel.

I've got quite a bit of As I Am [products] in here. This is the Twist Defining Cream. This is not my favorite product from them. I don't necessarily enjoy the twist defining cream. I used it on twists and it really didn't provide as much moisture as their other products. It didn't really provide any hold AT ALL. I would assume that something that's twist defining would have more hold. I really did not this product. 

Next up I have the As I Am Curling Jelly. Of their two gels, this one I can tolerate better than the other one. You can get decent results but you have to use a TON of this stuff. Then, the results don't last very long. Your hair will be popping for maybe 2 days and then it will look like there was never any hold on your hair and it will get fluffy and puffy beyond belief. This may work for some hair types but it just doesn't work for me. I used up the entire thing. It's gone and it has that same orange starburst smell that all of the As I Am products have.

Next up I have Aussie Mega Moist conditioner. I picked this up on sale. It wasn't a special sale but I had coupons, it was on sale, and so on and so forth. You know how you match [the coupons and sales] up. This is pretty good stuff. It's very slippery. I know someone's going to say “SILICONES! SILICONES!” I think it has a water soluble*…bis-amidopropyl dimethicone and I believe that that is a water soluble silicone. So, I don't have any issues with buildup. I've been using this for a while. I also regularly clarify my hair with a clarifying shampoo. So, this is pretty good stuff and I do like the smell as well.

Next up we have the Eden Bodyworks Natural Hair Masque Treatment. This is a deep conditioner. I have a review of this deep conditioner so I won't really spend much time going into detail about it. It was okay but I probably will not repurchase it. If you want to know exactly why and more details, definitely go and check out that video.

Next up, I have the NOW solutions European Clay Powder. I was experimenting with using clays other than bentonite clay. In the end my conclusion was that bentonite clay is cheap and provides good results. Why go and get other stuff? Other clays cost a little bit more. This was good but it wasn't so much better than my usual clay. It did not do something miraculous and miracle inspiring compared to the regular clay. I'm back on regular clay but this was the European Clay Powder.

You guys also saw me haul these in that cheap haul--the same one with the Aussie. This is the Herbal Essences “Moroccan My Shine”. This also has very, very similar ingredients to the Aussie products. It also has the same water soluble silicone* in it. I do not experience issues with buildup. I am using this in the Prettywitty77 leave-in mix. This is the base because this is what I had and what was open. I do enjoy this product. I also like the smell. I'm not even going to try to describe it. It's like a "fruit soap?" I know that one of the reasons that I stopped using Hello Hydration--which is another conditioner by Herbal Essences is because I was getting annoyed with that Hello Hydration smell. I can't stand it! I might get over that but for now, I don't like it. So this has similar ingredients, water soluble silicone*, also this does not have Sodium Hydroxide--I know that this makes some people nervous, and It doesn't smell like the other one.

Next I have an As I Am product. This is the Curl Clarity Shampoo. Though it says “Curl Clarity”, this shampoo is not clarifying. It is very much a regular, everyday shampoo. It had the ingredients of water, sodium lauroyl sarcarsinate, cocamidopropyl betaine. I looked up these cleansers and they're not clarifying. It's regular shampoo. I just used it right on up like a regular shampoo. It does have that same orange starburst smell that all of the As I Am products have. If you've been “sleeping” on this because of the “clarity”, go on and check it out. I do have a review that includes this product. I know that I will link it somewhere...over the rainbow. 

Another As I Am product is the Moisture Milk Daily Hair Revitalizer. I was using this as a leave-in for the LOC method for my wash and goes. I don't remember what my review of this was. This was in a video that features some As I Am products but I don't remember particularly liking this. I think that I liked the leave-in better than the moisture milk and I liked the so much moisture more than the [leave-in]. I don't even think I liked the Moisture Milk. I don't remember liking this. I thought that it wasn't moisturizing. If this is in that review I'm definitely going to link that so you can see it because I used it so long ago. I must have used it at the beginning of the season. I don't even remember it. 

Last, here we have the Paul Mitchell RoundTrip Express Style Liquid Curl Definer. Though this product is listed as a curl definer--so you would think it's a gel. It looks like this (clear serum gel) but you rub it and it feels and acts like a cream. I used it just like I would use any other cream because I wouldn't use it as a curl definer. I wouldn't use it on the same level as my Cantu. I wouldn't use it on the same level as a gel. So, I kind of used it like a leave-in. I wouldn't buy this, honestly. It just came in my curls understood box. I don't even think they intended to send it to me. It wasn't on my card at all. I think that it was just thrown in there at the last minute. They were like "Hey! Have This!" 

That is all of my empties for the Fall. I did not use as many product as I have in the past because there was less emphasis on using a “real” leave-in and a “real” deep conditioner. Whenever I use products like that, I end up having a lot more products in my empties. A ton more. 

So, I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Leave a comment, like it, share it, and I will see you guys in the next video. 

Thanks for watching!

*This silicone is not water soluble but does resist building up on top of itself.

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