Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Truth About YouTube Sponsorships

I am a small youtuber by many people's standards. My subscribers are in the thousands, my views are (usually) in the hundreds, and my comments are usually in the double digits. My channel is growing but at a slow and steady pace. Despite the smallness of my channel, companies do reach out to me from time to time asking if I would like to try product.

How do I get companies to contact me about trying products? Honestly, it's an "if you build it, they will come" situation if you have a small channel. You don't have the pull to make things happen that a much larger channel has. Despite this cold, hard truth, you can do a few things to make your channel more appealing.

Make Great Content

What I consider great content is good lighting, focused content, consistency, and positive interaction with your community. Take some time to plot out the topics you would like to cover in your videos. Make a rough plan of what you would like to say/do in each video. Film in front of a window or buy cheap lighting from the hardware store. 

Film often enough so that people know you're still there. Even if you do a video once a month, that's predictable and consistent. Actually get in the comments of your videos and interact with your subscribers. Also be sure to "prune" flat out disrespectful comments. Creating great content is something that you can perfect over time. Brands will take notice!

Make Yourself Easy To Contact

I noticed a difference in how many offers I received when I began placing information in my description box. I first began with a message directing people to the about section of my YouTube channel where my email was hidden behind a verification to prevent spam. People DID go through the trouble to get my email address but not as many as when I made another change to my description box.

I began to write my email address with an (at) instead of @ to still protect me from spambots in the actual description box. Once I did this I got even more offers. The ultimate level--that many youtubers do--would be to place my PO box address in the description box. The reason I don't do this is because I don't want unsolicited items in my PO box. I prefer speaking to companies and letting them know on what terms I am receiving their products.

Get A UPS Box

I wish that I had followed this advice and I will probably do so at some point. I don't like these companies having my home address for several reasons. To get around this, I have a USPS PO box. The only issue with this is that some companies will not ship to a USPS box depending on who they use to ship packages. That is why I recommend anyone wanting to start receiving promotionals items get a UPS box. It looks like a street address and can receive packages from any carrier.

There you have it, the simple steps to getting offers for a small youtube channel. Build up the channel, make yourself easy to reach out to, and have an address to receive products. 

In another post I will dive into the difference between receiving promotional products and doing sponsored videos. 

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