Wednesday, March 01, 2017

A More Simple Hair Regimen

Going into the Lenten* season I have begun thinking more seriously about simplicity and the importance of not "doing the most" when it comes to natural hair. It will be a gradual process but I am wanting to eventually simplify what I do to care for my hair. 

My Current Regimen

  1. Shampoo -- I don't section or anything. I wet my hair down well and lather with a sulfate free shampoo. My shampoos MUST contain actual cleansing ingredients in place of the sulfates. 
  2. Clay Rinse -- Since my Max Hydration Method days I have been a devout clay mask/rinse user. It helps to define my curls before I get to styling.
  3. Deep Condition -- 20 mins, use a rinse out conditioner
  4. Detangle
  5. Leave-In + Curl Cream + Gel -- Rake and shake in 1" rows
This regimen isn't the most complicated but a corner cutter such as myself can always see where something can be changed. I am considering dropping my clay rinse. I have come to a point in my styling technique and moisture levels that I think I can begin venturing beyond the clay. 

I want to eliminate the leave-in. My hair comes out super moisturized when I use a leave-in followed by a curl cream but I have been experimenting with leaving some of my conditioner in from deep conditioning. So far, it's working out just as if I'm using a leave-in. 

Goal Regimen

  1. Shampoo
  2. Deep Condition
  3. Detangle
  4. Curl Cream + Gel

These two changes alone will save me time (mixing clay rinse, applying it, rinsing it, rinsing out all of the DC, applying leave-in) and money (clay ingredients + leave-ins = $$). 

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