Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Used A Comb on My Coily Natural Hair

I do not comb my hair. I haven't done so in quite some time. I find that I can finger detangle fairly quickly and thorough enough to avoid matting, knotting, and difficulty in styling. So, what made me try to comb my hair was Abena Palmore. She has long natural hair and is also a professional hair stylist. She always uses a comb after finger detangling her hair. I said hmm...let me try it out. Here's what happened when I used a comb:

My Detangling Time Doubled

I mean, this had to be expected. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to detangle my hair. With the combing it took me more like 30-40 minutes to detangle. I had to really get in there with my fingers to prepare for the comb. I then had to be very careful with the comb, stopping to take it out and re-finger detangle spots that resisted.

A Lot Of Hair Came Out

There wasn't snapping, crackling, and popping but I did end this detangling session with a sizeable hair ball. I will note that I just came off of two weeks without washing my hair. I know how much everyone hates to see a lot of hair come out in a wash. I'm not immune to the reaction!

My Curl Pattern Was Completely Removed

This is a property of my hair that I have known about since the beginning. Combing or brushing of any kind will pull the curls right out of my hair. I took the opportunity to look at my hair's overall thickness in the "blowout-ish" state that it was in.

Products Were Easier To Distribute 

My hair products that I put in after rinsing the detangling conditioner out easily spread throughout my virtually curl-free hair. Distribution is everything if you are going for a wash and go--my default hairstyle.

My Curls Were Popping

My hair reverted a bit with moisturizer but FULLY when I applied my gel. My hair was curled from root to tip. I never shingle my hair because it won't break into those easy to separate strands but they did with hair that had been combed. My hair also hung a LOT longer. It was below my shoulder blade while wet.

Combing definitely gave my finished style a boost but the amount of time and effort that went into it is not enough for me to regularly incorporate it into my regimen. I'd be more likely to comb once a month or even once a season. I'm also thinking that my wet brush may have been easier to use than a comb.

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