Monday, April 24, 2017

Video | *DETAILED* Wash and Go | 2017

I uploaded a video wearing this popping wash and go and received many comments and even some requests for a tutorial. I heard you and this is it. I made the kind of tutorial that I would want to see so it is very detailed (read: long). 

Written steps after the read more jump.


Begin this wash and go on hair that has been freshly washed, deep conditioned, and detangled. Clean hair will produce more definition and detangled hair is just easier to work with.

  1. Rinse the deep conditioner from your hair 
  2. Apply a leave-in and curl cream in sections. You'll want to do these sections so that the product thoroughly coats the strands. 
  3. Working in 1" rows, apply gel as if trying to straighten your hair
  4. Once the gel feels like it is thoroughly coating the hair, begin to rake the section. Before you let the section go, shake the curls apart while holding the ends. This is the Ouidad Rake and Shake styling technique.
Repeat these steps until the section is completely styled. Then, rinse the deep conditioner from another section and proceed to moisturize and style. 

Styling Time: 40 mins
Preservation: Sleep with hair in a pineapple under a scarf
Style Lasting: A week

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