Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Reason You Still Have Bacne

Bacne and I go way back. I believe it was the end of middle school when my bacne, chestne, and face acne were in full swing. They stayed that way through my college years. My face eventually cleared except for that time of the month. My chestne cleared without a trace but my bacne hung around for a while.

So, for the people who have never been to this blog--Hi! I'm Kayla! I have long, thick coily hair that I wash and style in the shower once a week. What does this have to do with bacne? Well, I decided to return to my "black girl roots" and wash my hair in the kitchen sink. I had just grown tired of getting in and out of the shower and being limited in when I could do my hair.

After just a short period of sink washing my hair, I noticed a clear spot developing on my back. That spot has spread and now 95% of my back is bacne free! Correlation isn't necessary causation but I believe that the products I use on my hair were prolonging my bacne's stay. For others, shower washing may be the cause of bacne.

If you are not too keen on sink washing, try washing under the stream with your head upside down and your body out of the water or get a sprayer attachment for your tub and "sink wash" at the tub.

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