Monday, July 03, 2017

Video | Wash Day Hacks | Natural Hair

For some reason I had a lot of fun filming this Wash Day Hacks video! In this video, I put together my favorite ways to cut down on time spent washing natural hair. These tips could also be used by those with relaxed hair as well if you happen to find yourself spending a lot of time on wash day.

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I, Kayla V, confess that I am a hack-a-holic. I am always looking to improve or shorten a process. I think we can all agree that washing/maintaining natural hair is indeed a process. In my nearly 10 years without going to a salon, I've picked up a trick or two to cut down time spent on my natural hair.

Hack #1 - Stop At The Deep Conditioning Step

This is NOT deep conditioning overnight! Simply wash, deep condition, and detangle your hair. Then, allow the conditioner to somewhat dry in your hair before tying it up for bed. I like to schedule this whole process around my normal nightly shower. The only thing you'll need to do in the morning is rinse, moisturize, and style. 

Hack #2 - Completely Style Your Hair At Night

If I know I have somewhere to be, I will completely style my hair from start to finish the evening/night before. I then do one of three things with the wet hair--pineapple and cover with a shower cap, roll and clip then cover with a shower cap, or plop into a t-shirt. Plopping never dries my hair but does take out some of the water leaving me with mostly product that needs time to adsorb. 

Hack # 3 - Use Multi-Purpose Hair Products

Find a really great conditioner that can deep condition, detangle, and be used as a leave-in. I've even used conditioner as a styler. I recommend Aussie Moist, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, and Tresemme conditioner for this.

Hack # 4 - Wash Your Hair Standing Outside the Shower

This was a huge life-saver in college. I would stand outside the shower or at the far end of the stall and tip my head into the water stream upside down. This keeps you and your clothes dry while you can still get your hair wet to wash it. 

Hack #5 - Pre-Poo With Oil and Conditioner

If your hair is tangled beyond belief, this prepoo will have the knots and shed hair just falling out. Generously coat your hair with a heavy oil like coconut or castor. Repeat the generosity with a thick conditioner. Your multipurpose Tresemme and Aussie Moist conditioner will come in handy here. Hop in the shower and prepare to rake through your hair like a hot knife through (vegan) butter!

I have used all of these hacks at one point or another in my hair journey. I hope they can also be of some help to you!

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