Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Hair Product Haul | Shopping Free on Amazon

I used to have quite the Amazon gift card collection back in the day. I earned all of the cards through regularly using websites and apps that reward their users with gift cards. In more recent times I've switched to Starbucks gift cards but decided to throw it back and get together some Amazon gift cards. With $30.01 loaded and ready, I meticulously went about building up my shopping cart.

The color coordination was NOT intentional

So what did I pick up? 

Y'all know this is Bae! Wetline is my cheap date that is down for fast food when others--like Kinky-Curly--want to go to the expensive restaurant. I am going to a family wedding soon and I need to go with gel that I know will have me looking presentable.

I have tried this gel before in the past and thought...meh. I've just been in a season of retrying old products and decided to try this with my hair in it's current state of health and with my current styling techniques. I must say that I already like the new packaging. It looks

Again, this is a gel I have tried before. I remember getting good results, clumping curls, and compliments with this gel. However, the gel would lose hold and begin to flake closer to washday. I filmed a review of the gel and got a mean comment on the look of my hair. Just like the last gel, my hair and techniques are different so I'm interested to see what my hair will look like this time around. Will I be able to subtly clap back at the rude commenter or nah? 

Word on the street is that this is THE clarifying shampoo for natural hair. I recently read the ingredients of my usual go to clarifying shampoo and was disappointed to see that the cleansers were gentle. I intend to really get my hair clean once a month with this shampoo.

I'm further winning the gift card game because I received free shipping on this order!

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