Monday, October 16, 2017

Video | Super Wet Hair Gel - First Impression

This past weekend, I put up a new video in which I tried out another Mexican gel. Those familiar with my channel know how much I love Wetline Xtreme and it was that love that made me give Super Wet a try. While the video was a first impression, I did tinker with the gel on another washday and the update is below! 😊

Prior to filming this video my hair had been through a few things that were out of the norm:
  • Clarifying
  • Oil/Conditioner pre-detangling
  • Brushing
  • Twists/Twist out
I also thought that my new Paul Mitchell The Conditioner was so slippery that I applied less conditioner than I normally would. The only consistent thing about this wash and go was the amount of gel I applied. Needless to say these things did have an effect on the final look. 

My hair had definition that did not go all the way to the roots, it was soft to the touch but yet dry at the same time, and produced flakes as it aged. I got barely 5 days out of the ordeal. Now, fast forward to a week later.

My definition goes much closer to the roots than when I originally used this gel, my hair feels much softer, and there is not a gel particle floating in the air as I move my hair about. Conditioner makes a BIG difference with this gel.

I still stand by what I said in the original first impression though. This gel can hold a candle to Wetline somewhat in definition. However, it gives a softer hold which will invite some frizz and shave off the amount of days you can get out of the look. Super Wet is NOT a buildable gel. I've found that one does not simply apply more and get a harder hold.

Wetline has spoiled me with wash and gos that can be worn nearly two weeks! I'm predicting that this application of Super Wet will give me just a single week, which is okay.

I also find the shine comment to still be true. My hair is not dull or coated looking. It just looks I have also been spoiled by a shiny look to my wash and gos.

This gel can stand in if I just couldn't find my precious Wetline, but it won't be replacing it.

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