Monday, January 15, 2018

Yearly Natural Hair Update | 2018

Every year, I create an update video that address hair goals I set in the previous year and sets new goals for the new year. This update in particular is a very special one for me. As I was preparing to create this video I noticed how different my hair looked between the end of 2016 and the end of 2017. I decided to edit a few of my old clips to share what I noticed with you all. These clips are featured in this most recent update video.

Watch the video:

In last year's video I mentioned the following:

Protein Treatments
Can you believe that I have not needed a protein treatment in a year? I used to rotate between a moisture based conditioner and a protein conditioner. I also had a strong protein treatment in my back pocket ready to go if necessary. Regularly pulling on my shed hairs to assess their strength has shown me that protein treatments are not necessary for me right now. Perhaps it's the low doses of protein that I get through my regular hair products?

Deep Conditioning
I used to deep condition with rinse out conditioners rather religiously. Toward the end of 2017, I switched over to using actual deep conditioners. May the purists celebrate! Detangling my hair before I deep condition with an instant conditioner allows me to apply less deep conditioner. Therefore, I care less about the higher price tag that comes with deep conditioners. I've been really digging the Mixed Chicks deep conditioner.

Stopping My Growth Methods
These methods work but the reason that we aren't all walking around like Rapunzel is that they take time and effort. I stopped doing these methods about halfway through the year. I've made an effort to rekindle the growth method fire for 2018 but I make no promises.

Simplifying My Regimen
It was a goal of mine to simplify my regimen. I have noticed that the people with the longest hair have the simplest routines. My regimen is extremely simple now. I've narrowed it down to shampoo, instant condition to detangle and brush, deep condition, and style. I now only style with a leave-in and gel.

I began doing micro-trims/dusting last year. Every three months I'd twist my hair and assess the ends of each twist. Only the twists that needed a trim got one. Despite the frequency of this I've managed to retain length and have a decent thickness to my hair from root to tip. I do plan to do an all-over 1/2" trim for January.

Maintaining Hair Status
I believe I have maintained my hair over this year and hope to do the same in the coming year. 

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