Monday, May 24, 2010

Vacation Style & Regimen

I tried to keep my regimen simple during my vacation down in Florida this past weekend. I had to do something that would allow me to get in the water and quickly be ready to go anywhere after getting out. With those requirements bantus and braid outs were a no-no because they have to have time to set. I opted for a simple french braid on either side of my left part with the tails tucked into the back. I wore the style out to the beach and this is what I did afterward.

  • Washed scalp with usual shampoo
  • Loaded hair with Vo5, let sit, then rinsed/detangled under running water
  • Moisturized
  • Added some IC Fantaisa Gel
  • French braided into my style

I was ready to go out in no time. The style lasted the rest of the week, but I'm just ready to have my hair in another style. I'm thinking a braid out after a week full of buns.

BONUS: My mom maintains a very low, relaxed style. Her relaxers are never all over and are usually applied on just the top portion of her hair. You saw my vacation style. My mom's style was to wash and just airdry with a little styling gel. Besides the stick strait ends and top portion, my mom has cute little curls in random spots on her head. I took a photo.

She kept moving! Anywho, mom is thinking about going natural too. Woo-hoo!


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