Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Braidout Tips

 I was quite the braidout wearer when I had APL hair. I just recently got back into wearing them and I decided to do a post on some of the most common mistakes and questions related to braidouts.
APL Braidout
1. Do cornrows on short hair and singles on long hair. In my personal opinion, sprinkled with a little experience, I've found that single braids come out great on long hair, but are a little tricky on short and layered hair. This part may stick up here, that part may stick up there. It's iffy. Short haired ladies, you can still do singles, but be very conscious of placement.

2. Roll your ends. I use satin covered sponge rollers on my ends so that they're not stick straight. I braid the hair until right before it starts to thin, and then I roll it from the ends until it hits the braided part. This method also disguises the thinning toward the ends.

3. Maintain a braidout by moisturizing and sealing then rebraiding--in fewer sections than the original set or piling it on top of your head and covering it with a bonnet. You can get the hair on top of your head by putting your cap on upside down, pulling the hair into a high loose ponytail, or pinning up the sides and back.

I once combed out a braidout before rebraiding for the night and the next morning I looked terrible. Combing also increases the amount of manipulation and number of hairs on your floor. Save yourself the agony and just braid it back up waves and all.

NL Braidout
I don't by any means consider myself a master or pro. If anyone else has any tips to add, please do.


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Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

You have is so pretty, I tried my first pin-curl last night I was so sad. But I shall try again. I was like that with my first braidout and bantu knot out!

Kayla said...

Thank you. Trying again is truly important! All these healthy styles take practice. You shall master the pin-curl yet!