Saturday, July 31, 2010

Month In Review: July

NEW SERIES!! At the end of every month I will be posting a month in review detailing what I learned that month and/or my reflections on the month. I'm super excited about this because I can look back and find out what I thought about 'x' month of my transition. Here's my first one.

This month I learned that...
  • Sunday is a better day to wash my hair
  • Hairnets aren't just for Grandmas, they make for perfect bun holders
  • If a bobbi pin tip comes off, toss it! I did a lot of this
  • I like NTM and Garnier's DC, but they are just too small making them run out quickly
  • Bantu Knot Outs can be made to look more mature with styling
  • NTM is available cheaper on where the shipping is free (6+ items). I can pick up other toiletries--AND organic gummy bears and worms-- for less, all in the same order
This month I thought...

When is this transition going to get harder? So many women say that the first 3-4 months are the hardest. On my head, I'm not finding this to be true. I'm a futuristic & differenter sort of woman so maybe I'll experience troubles deeper in? I can be backwards like that. I feel so odd. Where is the drive to want to give in and relax? I'm strollin along and goin strong; natural bound.

Oh, and maybe I need to buy better bobbi pins that won't lose their tips when times get a little hard! SMH, bobbi pins. Shame on you!


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