Friday, September 24, 2010

HOTD: The Gibson Tuck with Side Rolls

HAIR OF THE DAY! So, I use "the day" very lightly here as I wore this style about two weeks ago. I guess I could say hair of "A" day. *shrugs*  Anywho, I decided to spice up the gibson tuck with some of my signature side rolls. I divided my hair into two halves, front and back, then divided the front into two on either side of my left part. The back, I pulled into a low ponytail and "tucked" and for the front, I twisted each side and pinned it into the tuck. This style was super cute with a barrette clip over the tuck {didn't think to take pics of that day}.



FrannyG said...

That updo is gorgeous on you and the side rolls are pretty sweet, as always.

Kayla said...

Thanks. ^_^*