Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Natural Hair Just a Fad?

My friend and I were sitting on some steps outside our university's cafeteria when a guy asked us a question. I'm not to sure of exactly what he asked, but it had something to do with what we thought of the new natural hair fad. My friend is 100% natural so you know she sucked in her breath like a speech was coming. lol.

I answered him by asking if it was a fad to have right arms and if it was a fad to have toenails. Being natural is not a fad, it's NATURAL! It's something you came into this world with. It would be a little silly to say that a 2 minute old, naked baby was following a fad. If I could say anything was a fad I would say that having a relaxer was a fad, one that has been deeply ingrained into our society.

If you want to talk about the sudden increase of people wearing their hair natural, you could say that the relaxer fad is decreasing. Hey, but what do I know? *shrugs*


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