Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How to Take a Hair Progress Picture

Sometimes I can't help but laugh at some of the things I've seen out there, like some of the progress photos I've seen some people take. Now, I know progress photos are personal records for you to see for yourself if you're making progress but when you post the photos online and try to alter the length of your hair, then you involve other people. You are not only lying to yourself, but other people as well.

Lying? What is Kayla talking about? Well, I'm talking about all of the crazy things I've seen people do in progress photos in order to make their hair look longer. I've seen photos of women with their shoulder scrunched up to their ears, backs arched back, chins pointed to the sky, etc. Some people may just not know how to take a progress photo while others may actually be intentionally trying to deceive anyone that views their photos.

How to Take a Hair Progress Picture

How to get an accurate progress photo:

1. Keep arms down if you can. Holding your arms up may make your hair appear longer than it is. I know that if you're taking your own picture with your back to a mirror this may be difficult to avoid. You can keep your arms down by opting to holding the camera to your side by your shoulder and using a smaller hand mirror to make sure you're getting the shot in the image viewer. If you still want to take a photo with both of your arms up, make sure you pay attention to the next tips.

2. Relax those shoulders. You don't walk around with your shoulders all scrunched up to your ears. So, you shouldn't do it in your progress photos.

3. Stand up straight. If you slump forward or arch your back that may distort your hair length.

4. Look forward. Don't tilt your head back. This messes with the length of your hair just as much as these other things I've mentioned.

5. Be consistent. Wear the same shirt in each photo and take the photos from the same angle. It's difficult to tell the difference in length when you have a different shirt on and you're taking photos from all sorts of angles. I'm guilty of breaking a few of these but only because my hair wasn't long enough to make it to a shirt in my first photos.

Some other tips:

1. When taking your photo in a mirror turn the flash off. It will produce a glare on the mirror.

2. Ask a friend to take your progress photos.

3. Set the camera to auto timer and set it on something like tripod or stack of books if you don't have someone to help you take a photo.

4. When doing comparison shots, compare like to like.It's difficult to compare a photo of wet hair to a photo of dry hair.


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