Monday, September 06, 2010

When and How Often to Trim

Remember when your Grandma told you to trim your hair in order to make it grow? Well, as lovely as your Grandmother may be, she was wrong. Hair growth comes from your roots, not your ends. So, no, cutting your hair isn't going to make it grow any faster. You could be actually cutting off your growth if you trim enough.

Even though trimming won't make your hair grow, you still don't need to neglect those ends. Split ends split up the shaft at an angle until they can't go any further and then break off. (I have a hard time believing that it's possible for a hair to split to the root at an angle, but I'm no scientist or professional.) Anyhow, where the hair has split and broken off will become thin. To prevent this, you should trim off any split ends. Some people do this by regularly "dusting" their ends, which is fancy for searching for splits in ther hair and only cutting those off.

How often should you trim or dust your hair? There is no definite answer to that. My beautician used to trim my hair every eight weeks after each relaxer. She trimmed...well really cut at least one inch off each time. Hair normally grows one inch in that amount of time! As a result my hair stayed at the same length for years. You don't have to trim that often or that much! There is no set rule for how often you need to trim. I try to trim once every six months or so because protective styling has really kept my ends in tact.


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Hair Dryer said...

It always seemed like jealous hair stylists used cutting my split ends to wack off my hair to make it as short as theirs.