Friday, September 03, 2010

What's the Point of Going Natural?

Going and being natural is nothing new if you are a member of a hair forum or community, however; natural hair is gaining popularity in the mainstream outside of the hair world. With this mainstream popularity comes beliefs and opinions. I've noticed, especially on twitter, an increase of natural tweets and retweets amongst my friends and I have to say that none of it has been positive so far.

Question mark in Esbjerg

A few months ago a friend retweeted something about "not getting the natural trend" and "had anyone heard of a comb and a brush." Okay...Then, recently another friend tweeted something about not getting the point of going natural because her hair looks better with chemicals. Now, I adore these people and I don't believe in all this relaxed/natural warfare mess, but it's kind of upsetting to see these tweets.

In good spirits I decided to answer that second tweet on my blog. So, what is the point of going natural?

  1. No more caustic chemicals that can eat through an aluminum can coming in contact with my scalp
  2. $240 a year saved that would have gone toward relaxers
  3. Versatility; I can rock it naturally fierce or straighten it for a sleek look
  4. $840 a year saved on salon washing and flat ironing

So, Let me know what you think is the point of going natural?

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