Friday, February 18, 2011

A Setback?!?

So, I've noticed a few things about my hair:
  • My sets have been coming out a little "crispy" and lifeless
  • I have been losing A LOT more hair when detangling than usual (this was when I was using the comb. Switching to the Tangle Teezer did not increase the breakage, but it didn't decrease it either)
  • My new growth was getting tough!
  • I retained not a single bit of length these past 3 months--not that that is the goal right now
So, I was driving along and it hit me! I think the Organix shampoo may be drying my hair out. Tuesday night I cowashed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. I had just picked it up because my Suave Coconut was on its way out. Mind you, I had seriously begun to slack with the cowashing. Months ago I EXCLUSIVELY cowashed my hair. My regimen included no shampoo except but to clarify monthly. When I began using shampoo I continued to cowash mid-week.

I had noticed all of the changes mentioned above, but I thought maybe this was 'just my texture'. This hair is new so I am none the wiser as to its nature. Fast forward to Tuesday's cowash. IMMEDIATELY after getting out of the shower I noticed that my natural hair was more apparent than ever. It looked moisturized and...happy. I did my bantu set with my regular leave-ins and some serum and let it sit overnight to dry.

The next morning...CHILD, the next morning! I could not keep my hands out of my hair. It's soft, has a sheen, and I lost only two strands or less detangling the wet hair the night before. I was driving and touching my hair when I "saw the light". I began using Organix in December and that's when all of my woes began, around that time. I also took note last wash day that my hair instantly felt dry and tangled upon adding the shampoo to my hair. I'm not very heavy handed with product so a great deal of this shampoo remains in my shower.

I'm considering purchasing some EVCO and hot oiling with it every wash day and following that with the Hello Hydration shampoo. I don't remember such dryness when using regular sulfate containing shampoos. I didn't suffer anything a little oil prepoo could prevent.



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