Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review: Grow It!


So, I finally got my hands on Grow it! by Chicoro (A member of LHCF and Fotki). I was thrilled that I finally got my hands on a book written by one of the people who's Fotki I'd drooled over. I read the book in a day. Here's what I thought of it.

What its All About...
Chicoro tells of the beginning of her hair journey and breaks down her "grow it process". I can best describe the process as a collection of tips that can be incorporated into your already defined regimen or help you build one of your own.

My Reaction...
I really enjoyed reading Chicoro's own story at the beginning of the book. I never knew that there was a time that she could play with the un-braided tip of her braid and the whole inch or so would break off. Everyone has a starting place and hers is described in great detail in her book. I also like how easily her process can be incorporated into an already established regimen. I did some of the things already that are mentioned in the book and others I had been considering. I also enjoyed how she explained why each tip was necessary. People always want to know why and how and Chicoro gives it to them at the end of each of her sections.

To sum it up...
I give this book three out of three hearts and believe it to be a great read for those starting out like Chicoro in the beginning of the book. I also can't argue with the fact that I got it FREE with the gift cards I'd won and I got FREE two day shipping with my FREE amazon prime account. Good book...good deal...Now, go get your copy!



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