Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Find: Revisiting "Grow Hair Fast"

 Lately, there has been a lot of stir in the hair community about a new growth aid dubbed "Potion" and sold by a happy woman named Valerie and her company Hairdrenalin. Valerie says that she researched growth aids and combined all of them into her "Potion". After people saw her mega results they started making and buying potion and insane results STAY popping up on hair boards, blogs, and youtube.

Potion Ingredients
45 cut tea bags
1/2 large bottle of Cayenne Pepper
30 Biotin pills (blended or powder form)
2-4 drops onion seed oil
1-2 drop garlic seed oil
2:1 ratio of onion seed oil to garlic seed oil  

Now, I must admit that even this skeptic is impressed by the results people are claiming to have received from the potion and I believe Valerie may be on to something, especially after I revisited one of my books "Grow Hair Fast: 7 Steps to a New Head of Hair in 90 Days" by Riquette Holfstein.I don't know what told me to open up this book, but I'm glad I did. Holfstein's concoctions mention some of the same ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Tea, and Biotin (eaten).

I haven't heard any buzz about this book, so look into it. It's an interesting read geared more toward balding men but the before and afters are pretty cool to look at.


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