Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Curly Like Me

If you haven't been able to tell, I've been getting my read on this summer--which is something I enjoy, but can't really do during the school year. So, one of my recent reads has been Teri LaFlesh's "Curly Like Me." I enjoy Teri's site and personal story so I was excited to purchase and begin reading her book.

What its All About...
Teri's book tells you her own hair story which is pretty varied and extensive. It details how she came to love her hair after fighting with it for years. Her book is basically a collection of the pages from her website detailing a simple regimen that works with not against your curls. She also includes a few styles--not found on the website and details how the hair is made up and helps you break down the ingredients in hair products.

My Reaction...
I really enjoyed seeing all of the photos of Teri's hair as you can see just how much of a difference her new techniques have made in her hair. Trust me y''s a whole new world! Now, I am very familiar with her site so a lot of the regimen was pretty much a rehash for me. What was new and I really enjoyed were all of the hairstyles. Some I had never thought of doing before and hope to try. I also liked how she broke down the product ingredients, because on her site she recommends products, but it's great to be able to find out if that new product will do all of the things that a product needs to do with Teri's regimen. (The conditioner that you leave in must be able to detangle, moisturize, and weigh down your curls. It must also act as a daily refresher/moisturizer. That's a lot!)

To sum it up...
I'm giving this book two out of 3 stars, not because it isn't good, but only because the same information can be found on her website. It is still a good read and--if I had purchased a hard copy instead of the iPhone version--it could serve as a quick reference instead of having to visit the site. The products ingredients and hairstyles are worth a read and I plan to one day give Teri's regimen a shot.

Visit her site here: 

♥♥/2 GOOD


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