Friday, August 05, 2011

What Is The Crown & Glory Technique

I mentioned it in my Yarn Braids Update that I am following the "Crown & Glory Technique" while I'm in my braids. I received more than one comment from viewers who felt the actual Grow Afro Hair Long site was not helpful.

I think that the site is very informative, but two eyes don't always see the same thing. There is no one list with the entire technique on it. This is probably what people are looking for. The links at the top of the site are for the different elements of the technique. Want to know how to wash your braid extensions? Click the link on washing. <--like that.

What Is The Crown & Glory Technique

For those looking for a bare bones list, here it is:

  1. Wash braids with cup of diluted shampoo {squeeze to lather}
  2. Rinse with cup of clear water {squeeze to rinse}
  3. Apply strengthening spray (Infusium 23) and braid spray to hair and scalp {pour into bowl, then squeeze into hair with sponge to really saturate}
  4. Daily, spray--or sponge saturate--hair with braid spray
Given my hint on how to navigate the Grow Afro Hair Long site, please give it a try. There is too much info on there to pass it up.

As of 04/2016, the website for the technique is no longer available.

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