Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Get Good Hair pt. II

How did I get to good hair status? How did I get this kaintdoncha to "can do"? How is it that the shampoo comes in and goes out? Why do I now get results with minimal product?  I took a few tips from the classroom.

Look for the source of the behavior. If you can't get a comb through your hair, don't continue to rake at it and get mad. Find out why you can't get it through. Is your hair tangled, is it dry, are you knotting it up as you style? If you have many flyaways and stick up hairs, don't continue to angrily slap product on them. Find out if perhaps your tools or techniques are causing that hair to be short and thus stick up. Find the source and cut it out!

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Maybe your hair is acting up because you are. Handle your hair with care, deep condition and moisturize it, take care to actually look at the ingredients in your products. Your hair is often not the problem, you are.

Worry about self. Perhaps your hair is trying to be itself but you are try to make it be like Jessica or Keisha's hair. I know that I can't slick my hair down from dry and think I'm going to get out the door. Other people can do that, and that is okay.

Is it apparent that I hold an education degree, yet? Anywho, I knew that my hair needed to be treated more gently, despite it's volume and quantity of strands. It had been treated roughly by others in the past. I knew that I had to boost moisture in my hair and I knew I had to find styles that worked for ME. I do twists, because they work, and subsequently they caused someone to say I have good hair. Go figure. 

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