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The Curly Girl Method on Type 4 Hair

The Curly Girl Method on Type 4 Hair

Back in May I wrote a post entitled Curly Girl Consideration. In this post I wrote that I was considering switching to the Curly Girl Method once I used up the products that I was using at the time.

Now, months later, I am happy to say that I have made the switch with the exception of two products and a shower comb. My hair feels lighter in my twists and retains moisture more. This may also have to do with my using the LOC Method to moisturize my hair.

I have found that there is confusion as to what the Curly Girl Method is. Also, not very many Type 4 naturals follow the method. This may be because of "curly" in the title or the confusion that you have to wear wash'n'gos which some Type 4s pass on.

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is a method taken from the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. The method is less of a method and more of a set of principals. These principles are as follows:

  1. Curly hair is naturally more dry than straight hair. The bends and curves make it more difficult for moisture to move down the hair shaft.
  2. Silicones in hair products coat the hair, build up, and cause the hair to be dull.
  3. Regular shampoos contain sulfates which are needed to remove buildup like silicones, but the sulfates are drying to curly hair.
  4. Combing, brushing, and using tools is harmful to curly hair and can make the curls frizzy and undefined.

Based on these principles, those following the curly girl method cowash or use sulfate free shampoos, avoid silicone containing products, and finger detangle. 

What is modified Curly Girl?

The modified version of Curly Girl varies from person to person. I myself modify curly girl by using a comb to go over my finger detangled hair. Other than that, I follow the method. 

I don't always style my hair in wash'n'gos and will wear other styles like twists, twist outs, and stretched styles. No matter the style, the products are silicone free--except for my deep conditioner and twisting conditioner.

Does Curly Girl work on Kinky, Type 4 hair?

Of course it does. Since switching my hair has been more moisturized, easier to detangle, and my twists have a lighter feel to them than they had before. Type 4s, please don't pass on the method!

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