Friday, August 31, 2012

Ultimate Bun Challenge: Month One

I made it one month strong in the Ultimate Bun Challenge! That leaves 5 more months of buns to go and the possibility of gaining 2 1/2" of growth--bring it on!

I wore a different style each week this month. I wanted to get more buns in my "collection" and find which ones I liked the best. I did the classic doughnut bun (no doughnut), the puff bun, and a bun made of three folded under two strand twists. The last bun can be seen in the video below and I believe it is my favorite so far. I attempted a banana clip bun but broke the clip.

I have been keeping my hair very moisturized with the LOC method of moisturizing. The key has been to really saturate my hair with water and use an adequate amount of oil to seal it in. Juicy hair! I've also learned how to keep my part in my hair--the center part at least. Once I conquer the side part I will be doing a quick post on it.

Next week I have an interview so I will be wearing a braided bun with dutch braids on either side of my left part. I'll then be revisiting the top knot bun. Now that I have all of my products at my disposal, the style should look neater.


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