Friday, August 24, 2012

MN Update #3

I am back on MN and going strong ladies! I made a trip to a local beauty supply and picked up an applicator bottle. I figured that since I am on the ultimate bun challenge, an applicator bottle would be the best way to get the MN to my scalp and still keep up my bun. I mix the MN and grapeseed oil in the applicator bottle and apply to my scalp Mon, Wed, and Fri.

I am having issues getting the oil and MN to mix. I may try pouring the oil and adding the MN afterward. It may mix better that way. So far I haven't experienced any headaches. We will see if my growth has been accelerated in October when I do my regular full length check. I'll compare the photo to my ultimate bun challenge starting pic taken about a week ago.


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