Friday, November 09, 2012

Retaining Length Without Protective Styling

Back in April I shared a length check video with you all showing my growth from Dec '11 to April '12. I retained a decent amount of length and it may surprise many of you that I did it with very little protective styling. Reading around the African American hair care community you may find yourself feeling like protective styling is King. This feeling becomes mixed when you don't really like to wear your hair up.

Despite my popular Neck Length Protective Styles Video Series and blog post, I have always been a "hair down" kind of girl. When I was relaxed my hair was down with a left part. During the period between the previously mentioned length checks, my hair was always down--either twisted or in a twist out. Right before beginning the Ultimate Bun Challenge I was beginning to play with wearing more Bantu knot outs and braid outs.

How do you retain length without protective styling? The answer is more simple than you may have thought. Limit the amount of manipulation you are doing to your hair. You do not need to give your hair 100 brush strokes before you go to bed each night. You don't need to comb your braid out before resetting it. You don't need to re-flat iron your hair every other day. Also, keep your ends moisturized. When I was wearing twists and twist outs I moisturized my hair with a conditioner and water mixture but only sealed my ends with oil. I NEVER skipped out on the sealing step.

As long as your are gentle and coat your ends, you can retain length without or with very little protective styling.


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