Friday, November 02, 2012

Ultimate Bun Challenge: Month Three

I have been trying to keep it fresh with my bun styles. I did a side bun with crown rolls in the front. I also did the puff bun (or bird's nest as my husband un-affectionately calls it) which caused on student to say "you have a lot of hair" and another to say "how do brown people get their hair up like that?" I even tried this bun by KandeeLovesYa on Youtube. I'm just trying to avoid getting into a style rut and only wearing the the same bun for the entire challenge.

I have been experimenting with products from my bag of free samples. So far so good.

I am already making style plans for when this challenge is OVER!! I am proud of myself for even making it halfway through. If I can do three months, I can stick it out for three more. I just don't think my hair was meant to be held down.


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