Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!! (2013)

Diwali / Deepavali
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I've been doing this every year and I didn't want to break "blog tradition." Here is my goal from last year and my goal for 2013!

Last Year...
"I only ask one thing of my hair. Bra Strap Length! I want to reach my familiar APL and surpass it to the foreign BSL. I wouldn't know what to do with hair that length! lol."

I made it, and I found out what to do with it...keep on growing it! I have made my goals for the last two years because I try to set realistic goals.

For 2013...
I'm aiming for line 13 (on my length check shirt) in 2013! Realistically I can end up on either line 12 or 13 based on my trims for the year. The number 13 line is the very last line on my shirt and belongs to "The Land of the Middle Back" (MBL). I will have to wait for 2014 before I can realistically begin pursuing WL and I'll need a new shirt too! 


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