Monday, January 07, 2013

Ultimate Bun Challenge: Month Five


Time with the ultimate bun challenge is winding down and I am on the home stretch. I've decided to ride this challenge on out with some box braids. Box braids take way longer than two strand twists. I know because I parted my hair the exact same way but it took hours more to do. -_-" I allowed the braids to dry loose, then I put them up in this bun/pomp situation.

I plan to wear this bun a full two weeks while spraying my hair with a conditioner/oil/water mix for moisture. At the end of the two weeks I plan to spray my scalp with a shampoo/water mixture, then gently rinse in the shower. If my braids still look presentable, I will rock them in another bun for another week or so. It all depends on how they look.

I should have two weeks of the challenge left if these braids hold up for at least 3 weeks. Already they are 4 days old. *crosses fingers*


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