Monday, April 01, 2013

Weird Hair Comments -- Walmart

Puff The Magic Dragon

Walmart gets it's own post, and with good reason. I was in Walmart with Juan when I decided to go to the beauty section and get some of my favorite concealer. As I turned the corner I heard a faint voice call "Hey, I like your hair? What'd you do?" Now, I could not see this person because they were directly behind me and the way their voice sounded, I just didn't feel that they were talking to me. I turned around anyway and saw a girl with two strand twists standing there.

I apologized and let her know that I didn't know that she was talking to me. I then turned to keep walking and said "It's a braid out...a very old one. lol" She says "Oh, that's why it's puffy!" and skips away. Puffy?! At this point I must explain what an "old" braid out for me is. My braid outs last beautifully for a full three days. Then, I wet my hair, moisturize and seal it, and style again using my ors loc and twist gel. The next morning my braid out is once again shiny and very defined. This girl had called the first day of my reset puffy. :/

...So I Know It's Real

Another time in Walmart, I was beating the aisles with my black pumps trying to catch up with Juan who clearly forgot I was wearing heels. I hear the slight sound of someone walking quickly behind me and I become slightly uncomfortable. I shift to the left and slow down a smidgen. An older woman passes me and says "Is your hair real?" I reply "yes." She says "It's cute." 

A few things about this situation stuck out to me. The first thing was that she was Caucasian. Non-blacks hardly ever question if someone's hair is real or not. Though they may wear clips and tracks themselves, they don't hunt for them on their peers like we do. lol. So naturally, this question threw me off. The second thing that stuck out to me was the condition under which the compliment was given. Had my hair not been real, would I have not gotten the compliment? 

I can only wonder...


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