Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Product Review: Venus® Embrace Sensitive


Their Promise:
The Venus Embrace sensitive is supposed to provide a smooth shave without irritation. The moisture ribbons surrounding the blades boasts aloe and vitamin e.

~$8.99 but the replacement cartridges are much more!

My Opinion:
When I opened my Venus Embrace Sensitive razor I was immediately impressed with the shower holder and the cushy handle. I have been using the cheapies so long, that the little things impress me. Since it's winter time, I had a "little" hair to shave so I immediately used the razor. Now, I usually use conditioner to shave, but with the moisture bars on the razor, it was super slimy. I realized that I could just use the razor without any gel/conditioner.

I got a close shave and--most importantly--no irritation! My underarms usually look pale, grainy, and black spotted after a shave. Not with Ms. Venus! I had smooth underarms. I may repurchase this razor review is complete without cons. I was a little miffed that the holder would not adhere to my shower. It is just randomly hanging on my bathroom mirror out of use. I considered putting my hair shears in it. Also, the bars seem a bit...sensitive. Let the razor lay over to one side too long and you will get a bit of stick when you go to pick it up. I worry that the moisture bar is going to pull away from the razor.

♥♥♥ of 3 RATING

Disclosure: Influenster provided this product free for me to try. No one paid me, but I wish that they had.


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