Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rolled Cloud Updo

I heard y'all loud and clear on my survey, you want more hair tutorials. I may not wear a lot of different styles but once in a while, I pull out a gem and video *crickets*. So, I stretched my hair out and recreated one of my "gems." Chile, I had nowhere to go but the elementary school but I did it for you!

1. Begin with stretched hair
I stretch my hair with buns. My texture stretches out very easily so a bun is all I need. Do whatever method will best smooth out your hair. Get more details on how I stretch HERE.

2. Section hair into front and back

3. Beginning with the front, pin either side of the section toward the center like a mohawk
You may want your "mohawk" to be off center. I have done this look off center and it looks just as nice.

4. Take small sections of the "hawk" and roll them forward and toward either side

5. Moving on to the back section, divide it into 3 vertical sections

6. Pin the middle section strait up

7. Basket weave the left and right sections over the middle

8. Roll the loose hair at the top of the basket weave backward
Any hairs that are closer to the front, roll forward


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