Monday, February 03, 2014

Product Review: Tangle Tamer Max Detangling Brush

Remember the Tangle Teezer craze? Remember the cry for it to have a handle? I've noticed that these detangling brushed are becoming popular again and many of them now have a handle. See what I thought of the handle, and the brush in general.

Price $9.99 at Sally Beauty

My Opinion

This brush gets the job done overall. I was able to detangle my hair and did so without experiencing damage in the month that I have used this product. I do see an issue with properly cleaning the brush. The 3 different layers of teeth are hard to get the end of a rat tail comb in for cleaning and it is nearly impossible to open the brush to ensure it does not mildew on the inside.

Also, I do not like having to detangle one side of a section, then flip it over again to detangle the other side. It makes detangling take longer. This may only be a con for people such as myself who have used a paddle brush or a long tooth comb in the past. Those tools usually go through the entire section in one go. If you already have a tangle teezer, keep it. The handle on this brush is just there for decoration. I would recommend this for people who only have a denman and want to use bigger sections or for those that do not already own a detangling brush.

Rating: **/3 It's okay, but nothing THAT spectacular


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