Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Find: Hair Journal App

If you have seen the archaic video of me sharing my hair journal, then you know that I enjoy tracking my hair journey. My youtube channel and blog are not the ultimate record of my hair journey. Recently, I have been using and loving the free Hair Journal app.

 The app opens up with a list of profiles and asks you to select one. It won't let you get to any of the features until you do so. Multiple profiles are great for mothers who may want a separate profile for their child's hair journey/regimen.
Once you select a profile, you are taken to a page that has a general overview of your hair's stats. From here you can either click the diary at the bottom or the list icon at the top left to enter data.

The list button allows you to select diary entries, hair stats, reminders, notes, and growth tracker. Each of these options shows "all time" results and not a specific date or time period. These pages are shown below.

 The diary mode is the one that I use most often. It displays the date under which you can enter information into any of the before mentioned categories. You can also set reminders for a particular date. The reminders go on to the phone calendar and can be set to sound an alarm to remind you. I use this feature for trims and protein.

I do not use the products or photo section but the products section is great for tracking products you have used and what rating you gave them.


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