Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Confession: I Have Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair; I have always know that I had it. The symptoms were evident--hair that takes forever and then some to dry, hair that also takes just as long to feel truly soaked in the shower, hair that conditioner just sits on top of. I could go on. Up until now I have never treated my low porosity hair any differently. Why would I? My hair has retained length enough to get me to MBL!

Yet here I am writing about my low porosity hair because now I want to actually treat it more specifically. Enter the Max Hydration Method. I found this method while I as perusing YouTube. Someone left a link to the original Black Hair Media post by Pinkecube detailing the method. This method involves steps that lift the hair's cuticle layers so that you can bathe the strands in moisture.

The most tempting aspect of this regimen for me is moisture. I want my hair to be soul glow juicy! I will be kicking off this journey to max hydration by doing the regimen daily the first week--split between night and day, then every other day the following week. I hope to eventually land on every 3 days. I will also be doing the Cherry Lola treatment every other week in the beginning but want to end up doing it once a month.

I will be sharing photo progress after the first week then monthly from there. There will possibly be Youtube Videos for some of the mixes involved in the regimen.

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