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March Curl Kit - Au Naturale Moisture LOC

March 2015 Curl Kit

I didn't make it a big deal on my blog or channel, but my Birthday was earlier this month on March 1st. For my birthday, my friend sent me a Curl Kit! Y'all, I was so excited when I saw that box in my mail. I have often thought of getting a Curl Kit but never did because I know that I'm picky about products.

March 2015 Curl KitMarch 2015 Curl Kit

This box was one that was dedicated to Dark & Lovely's Au Naturale and included 3 full sized products. I tried Au Naturale when it first came out but was not impressed by neither the ingredients nor the smell. I had seen a few videos of this box and other people seemed excited so I was willing to give it a shot.

March 2015 Curl Kit
The three products included in the box are the new SUPER QUENCH-LEAVE IN SPRAY, SOAK IT UP OIL COCKTAIL, and LOCK-IT-IN SEALING CREAM. These products are based on the ever popular LOC method which involves moisturizing your hair with a liquid, sealing that with an oil, then sealing once more with a cream or butter. Each of these products can be used in one of the steps. As far as marketing goes, this is extremely smart!

I then turned the products around to check out the ingredients. Looking good! The spray has a little propylene glycol and salt, the cream has a water soluble cone and Isopropyl alcohol, lastly the oil just has some thickeners at the beginning with mostly plain oil. Are these ingredients perfect, no. However, they are better than a lot of other products out there.

I probably won't use them as a LOC system because I mainly wear my hair in wash and gos and use gels. I'll probably leave in the cream, seal with the oil, and use the spray in-between washing/resetting my hair. Also in the box, there was a terry turban and a jumbo rake comb. I already own a similar comb so I'm not taking it out of the package and may give it to someone else. The turban may come in handy when I'm wearing a shower cap to bed.

March 2015 Curl KitMarch 2015 Curl Kit

Do you subscribe to Curl Kit or any natural hair boxes? Comment below! 

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