Wednesday, May 06, 2015

All The Buzz On 3 Popular Natural Hair Styles

As it heats up outside, so do these 3 popular natural hair styles. Get the scoop on how to set, style, and maintain the wash and go, crochet wig, and yarn braids style.

Wash and Go

With the popularity of last summer's max hydration method booming, the wash and go is once again a popular style. People are looking for how to achieve it, maintain it, and style it when it's "past due."

Set it.

Maintain it.

Style it.

Crochet Wigs

Crochet braids came back in a real way but were eventually overshadowed by the crochet wig. What most likely makes this style so popular is the ability to completely remove it and how inexpensive the supplies needed for this style can be. I see this style continuing to be popular on into the winter months.

Set it and Style it.

Yarn Braids

This style goes in and out of popularity. I have done this look two times myself and have videos showing installation and discussing care.

Set it.

Maintain it.

Style it.

What other styles are popular right now? Comment below! 

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