Monday, July 20, 2015

Video | How I Dry My Hair

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I have thick hair that takes forever to dry (24hrs+). Having wet hair isn't always the most convenient so I have found a way to cut down on drying time when I need to. 


First I sit under the dryer for about 30 minutes. My dryer is a soft bonnet dryer so it mainly dries the top of my hair and and leaves a dent.


After sitting under the dryer, I pull out my blow dryer with my ion diffuser attachment. I love this diffuser because it pops down for easy storage! I diffuse my hair by alternating 3 moves until my hair is at the dryness level that I want. 
  1. Bottoms Up: I press my ends up toward my scalp with the diffuser. This move opens up my hair and allows the air to flow through.
  2. Outside: I hold the diffuser to the outside of my hair.
  3. Inside: I do the same as the previous move but on the inside of my hair.


Even after all of this my hair may still not be 100% dry depending on the styling products I used. At this point I'll let my hair airdry the rest of the way dry. This takes less than an hour after doing all of the previous steps.

Products Used
*Soft Bonnet Dryer
*Ion Universal Diffuser

Watch the video:

How do you get your hair dry? Comment below! 

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