Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is The Buzz Surrounding Natural Hair Dying?

When I was a student teacher, I got into a conversation with the teacher that I was assigned to about my natural hair and some of the negative responses I had gotten from people close to me. (Exhibits A & B) In reply, the teacher said "People have got to realize that you are going through a phase..." Whatever else she said after this I cannot remember because I was distracted by her calling my natural hair a phase! This was 2012 and the natural movement was alive and well. Also, the belief that natural hair was a fad that would soon fade in time was also alive and well.

Now, nearly 3 years later, many people have remained natural, brands have begun making more products geared toward natural hair, and natural blogs/youtube channels are a dime a dozen. With the normalizing of natural hair, I have seen many popular YouTubers lose interest in creating natural hair content. They have either ceased videos or have gone in a new direction such as beauty, fashion, or lifestyle. 

So, this is the question I have for you. Have you noticed a dulling of the buzz around natural hair?
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