Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wake Up Flawless...No, Really

I have been know to say that if I could put my makeup on at night I would. I am one of those people that likes to do everything at night so that I can "wake up flawless." Maybe I'm not waking up Beyonce flawless but we can't all be Bey. Here are some tips to lessen the morning beauty struggle.

Go To Bed Greasy
Yes, you read that right. At night I put on lotion, load an oil/cream on my face, and slather my lips in balm. One cannot deny the greasiness of my person post-shower. However, in the morning I am nice and moisturized and do not need to put as many of these things on in the morning if I have to put them on at all.

Lay Those Edges
I completely style my hair at night. If I am wanting to wear a bun the next day, I go ahead and put my hair into style the night before. All you need to do is preserve your style so that you can wake up, throw the scarf to the side, and be on your merry way which leads me to my next point.

Sleep Cute
For the love of all things natural hair, cover your hair or your pillow at night! You will not need to waste time trying to bring moisture back into your hair or even laying down those baby hairs in the morning if you protect your hair at night!

Organize Your Beauty Items
I've seen quite a few YouTube videos in which people dig through their makeup collection looking for what they need. I always wonder if they do that during their morning routine and wonder how much time is wasted. I have a small makeup collection so I have an appropriately small 3 drawer system under my bathroom sink that organizes my makeup into eyes and face. In the morning I just pull out the drawer and work on that part of my makeup. I put the drawer back and move on. Quick, easy. 

Stop wasting time and wake up, FLAWLESS!
How do you wake up flawless? Comment below! 

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