Friday, August 28, 2015

Sunshine VoxBox Wrap Up

A short while ago I received the Sunshine Voxbox from Influenster. The box was filled with products to try. The verdict is in and I'm ready to dish on everything from the box.

*Dickinson's Cleansing Cloths |
I had a good ol' time with these wipes. I love that they are large making it possible to do several rounds of cleansing with the same wipe. These wipes are also textured on one side making them more effective at getting everything off. I used these on what I thought was a clean face and still came away with brown spots. Lastly, these wipes are inexpensive! Go get you some.

*Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds |
These were delicious. I had them for breakfast one morning with a Babybel cheese and an apple. Crunchy and spicy with a sweet edge. Even my spice-phobic husband could eat these. Will be buying these.

These snacking chocolates were another food item from the box that I really enjoyed. I had to use a coupon from the box to pick them up from my local Target but I'm glad I did. I went for the pretzel variety. These chocolates are chocolatey but have that dark chocolate hit that keeps you from overindulging. 

*Vaseline Spray Moisturizer |
This is not the first time that Vaseline spray and I have crossed paths. I received a men's spray for my husband in a Valentine's day box a year or two ago. The opinion from then to now still holds. This lotion does the job in a pinch but won't provide true moisture. I'd wait until right before you go somewhere to use this so you don't end up ashy half way through!

*Infusium 23 Leave-in |
SinfulColors Nail Polish in Totally Teal |
I will not be trying the infusium because it is nothing like anything that I would normally try on my hair. I also did not get a chance to try out the teal polish sent to me because I have been lazy about going to the nail salon. My nails desperately need to be done! I have already tried SinfulColors and I like their price, availability, color selection, and fast drying. 

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