Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Top Max Hydration Product Picks Under $10!

One concern that people have with the Max Hydration Method and natural hair regimens in general is expense. In this post I'll share some of my top Max Hydration Picks that don't cost a lot of money. Please keep in mind that I allow some ingredients in my regimen that the original method cautions.

Aloe Vera Juice
AVJ can be purchased in bulk at Walmart and is readily available at any health food/vitamin shop. I use it as the liquid in my clay mask. It also serves as a pH balancer for the mix. I found that since adding this to my regimen my hair has become easier to detangle.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I add a splash of ACV to a spray bottle and apply this to my hair before I deep condition. The "splash" brings the pH of the water to "hair's favorite" 4 making my hair even more manageable. You can get ACV at dollar general and other dollar stores for around one dollar.

These conditioners are on about the same page for me. The Tresemme is slightly thicker than the Trader Joe's and is more widely available. Either of them will cost you less than 5 dollars! Slather on your conditioner with abandon, my friends!

Bentonite clay is an excellent gentle cleanser. This particular brand is calcium bentonite clay and will not leave your hair as defined as sodium bentonite clay but this post is about price. For your buck, calcium bentonite clay is cheaper.

This gel has a few "caution" ingredients for max hydration but isn't clogged with a ton of artificial ingredients and protein. This gel gives my hair great definition and is reminiscent of eco styler. If you live in a humid climate you may want to hold off on this one until the dew point is right.

Flax Seed Gel
No gel is cheaper than boiling up some flax seeds yourself! A pound bag will cost you under $5 and will make many batches of gel.
What are your top money saving products? Comment below! 

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